Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer's Last Fling

The annuals have tasted Jack's Frost bitter bite and are limp in their pots so off to the compost they go.

The sunny yellow swing has faded to pale gold from the summer sun's fierce rays and sits filled with curled brown leaves.

But the little girl and her cat have decided to play in the fallen leaves and the sun for a few more days.

So as we bid goodbye to summer I thought I would send each of you the last roses of summer. Please pick your favorite one and take it home. Tuck it in a vase and dream of summer's to come.

May the Lord bless each of you who come this way. Have a happy day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Country Church

Sorry I haven't been around to visit everyone. I fell last Saturday and twisted my knee and hurt my back so I have been having a hard time sitting for long. But I thought you might enjoy some pictures I took of a little church in a small Missouri town we often visit

I am enchanted with old churches that have unique windows, doors, and bell towers and this church had it all.
Notice how the vines are starting to grow across the steps. I am not sure it is being used anymore.

The little round window at the top of the tower looks into the bell tower. Can't you just imagine the view from up there. I would volunteer to ring the bell every

If you look closely you can see the bell in the tower.

I thought the arch details in the windows and above the door was so simple but yet so beautiful. I would love to find some salvage pieces like these doors and windows to hang in my home.
Every time I see a little church like this I am reminded of that old song "Come to the Church in the Wildwood". I added the song to the bottom of my playlist if you aren't familiar with it or would just like to hear the song.
Have a peaceful weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fallish Front Porch

I have been so busy working on the basement bathroom I didn't get my front porch ready to welcome guests like I usually do. I finally put out a few things to make it look festive.

Placed some pumpkins on the black buffet. This will be last time I get to decorate it as I sold it this weekend. I will miss it but it couldn't winter on the porch.

Put a few fall decorations in the cabinet.

Some pumpkins and fall gourds on the lower shelf.

Used some of my rooster plates on the upper shelves.

Isn't this little scarecrow girl cute. She is a oil painting I found at an antique store. I enjoy hand painted pictures on canvas and I appreciate the time and talent someone had to paint it. She is so happy looking she make me smile each time I see her.

A few sparkly pumpkins on a velvet place mat I purchased at Target a couple of years ago.

I love the variation in color on this little fellow.

A trio of pumpkins and some fall flower brighten up the black buffet and window box.

A duck decoy nests among some grape vines on an old red trunk.
I wrapped my wicker in fall fabric but I can't show you because I left my camera at the lake house. Don't know how I am going to blog without it. Maybe I need two cameras. Just have to convince the hubby.
Fall hugs to all you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor of Love

We have been laboring on our basement for five years doing what we could when we had extra cash. This last weekend my husband finally textured the last parts of the ceiling and I went to work on the bathroom.

The room is painted Sherman Williams Jonquil. I am not sure yellow is the color I would have chosen for a bathroom but I had most of a five gallon can from my kitchen and living room left over. So with budget restraints we use what we have.

A view through the double wide pocket door.

I found a vintage bathtub at an antique mall and painted the outside of it red and the base black. My husband had to build a riser to set the black base on to raise it off the floor in order to run the plumbing. This makes it a little tall for me to step into so I found the perfect little stool and painted it black.

When we originally drew up plans for this part of the basement we were going to make this area into two rooms. That meant the bathroom wouldn't have a window. So we decided to make it one big room and hide all the laundry equipment discreetly behind double doors.

I also need some place to hide my laundry sorter that would be convenient to use. So DH built this for me. This weekend I made panels to cover it that stay in place with Velcro.

I can just roll the sorter out to sort the laundry and push it back when not in use.

This sink was in the basement when we moved in. It looks like it is probably a sink from an old gas station. It was in perfect condition so we decided to use it.

One wall of the bathroom had to be built out about 2 feet from the cement foundation to accommodate plumbing so my DH built in this old window that he found in a house he renovated. You can't tell by the picture but he put a light behind it so it looks like the sun is shining through when it is turned on.

I had an old wrought iron rack that was from my pink phase so I painted it black to hold the towels.

This old medicine cabinet was in my hoard. It was originally pine but I painted it the same color as the walls and then crackled it with an ivory overcoat. Then while we were making the bathroom I talked the husband into building it into the wall.

I needed more storage so I haunted the thrift shops until I found a mahogany dresser. The veneer was coming loose on the top and in places on the sides and bottom. I stripped the bad veneer and filled it with wood putty. When it was dry and sanded I used black spray paint and lightly sprayed the spots I had filled. It almost gives it a shadow effect around the frame.

On top of the dresser I have a old mirror and an angel. I think she is meant to be a Christmas Angel but I love her colors so I decided she is a bathroom angel.

I made curtains for both window from the same material I use for the laundry sorter. Then decided I didn't like seeing the basement windows as they are old so I made some short white panels to fit inside the window.

I put an oriental rug on the floor since this won't be an everyday bathroom.

Now I have one last task I didn't get done this weekend. I need to do something with these shelves I bought to hold bath products. I can't decide if I should paint it white to go with the wood work or paint it black like the rest of the accessories. I don't know if I want to leave it open or make more panels to cover all the bottles. Help! I think I am out of ideas.

So this is how I spent my weekend. But it was indeed a labor of love because I am so excited one room is done. Now I can light the candles and relax in that deep old tub.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Chores Are Calling

If you come to visit I haven't gone away just working on a biiiggg project. I'll share with you soon. Have a lovely Sunday.