Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Did This Happen?

How did this happen?  Christmas decorations are still sitting in the hall waiting to be put away.

Valentine's Day has come and gone.  But the memory lingers on all over the house.

And the bunnies are waiting in the wings for their grand entrance.
And I could swear it's only been a week.  Anyone else feel this way?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunshine On My Sholder

We had the most beautiful sunrise this morning and it brought to mind the song "Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy".  So I thought I would share it with you.  Happy Friday to all of you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is Cinderella.  I found her languishing on a shelf at the local thrift store.  It seems no wants old brass lamps anymore and she had no place to live.

So I gathered her  up and took her home knowing what a few spritzes of hammered spray paint can do for a girl who is shining a little to brightly.

I used a metallic bronze to paint with and it covered very nicely.  It only took one can to do two lamps.

I tied a tassel around the base to break up the look of the metal and soften it a little bit.  Now she is already to begin a new life.  I originally thought I would take these to the shop but found I liked them well enough to keep them for awhile.

So if you have old brass lamps sitting in the garage or stored away a new lamp is only as far away as a can of spray paint.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Bet you thought I had some really juicy gossip to relay.  Nope,  just wanted to show you this cute gossip bench I finished redoing.  It was in sad shape when I found it.  Some young man had carved his name into the desk part.  Or, it could have been a young lady,  talking to the love of her life carving his name into the top as she talked to him on the phone.  Don't you just love to make up history for old furniture.

I was going to paint her a light aqua as I found some great material in aqua and chocolate brown that I fell in love with.   
After I covered the seat I could see that a dark chocolate stain would look so much better.  I tend to like lighter colors so I usually am drawn that way but I know some people like the richness of dark furniture.  And it does pop against light wall. 

I liked how the flower petals picked up the shape of the detail on the back.

I know we don't sit in one spot and talk on the phone anymore so I hope someone can see she really isn't just a telephone bench.  I thought it would look cute in a entry as a place to take off your shoes and drop the car keys.  In the bedroom as a night stand.  Plenty of room for a lamp and clock plus a place once again to take off your shoes. Or how about a laptop station.  Great storage under the desk top to keep it out of the way.  What other room can  you think of that it might work in?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Update

Update!  she choose the Beast.  Said he was perfect the bench of her dreams.

A friend of mine saw a bench my husband had built and wanted one to put at the foot of her bed.  However, she thought the one she was looking at was too pretty.  Not quite rowdy enough for her.  She wanted a beast with  a few rough edges and some hulk to him. 

So here is the beast.  Made of reclaimed wood with all his scars from his former life and nail heads showing. No pretty paint for him.

Here is beauty.  She is painted a light dove grey.  Her bench is smooth and no nail holes showing on her unblemished surface.  Her style is a little more graceful and refined.

Here are the beast and beauty together.  My friend is coming to today to take one of them to live with her.  Which would you choose?  Beauty or the Beast.  I am kind of hoping she leaves beauty for me.  Can't you just see her stenciled with a bouquet of hydrangeas in light lilac and purple gracing her seat.