Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping Busy

I have been trying to keep my hands busy and my mind occupied so I don't fret so much.  My dear Uncle passed away last Wednesday.  I will miss him.  He was always so good to me.  When I was very little I would go to visit him and the first thing I would want to do was make him pretty.  This consisted of using baby powder and a powder puff and covering him liberally with baby powder.  Now that is love is it not?

I put out a few bunnies to welcome spring.

Planted some yellow pansies by the front door to make me smile when I come home.

Also unloaded this truck load of mulch on to my flower beds.  We had several nice days in the 70's but  it is chilly and sprinkling this morning.

I am off to see my mother next week and see if I can find out if we can get her some help at least a couple of days a week.  She is in a great deal of pain and has trouble cooking and taking a bath.  My sister is flying from Alaska to meet me for a few days.  I haven't seen in her in six years so it will be nice to see her again.