Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just A Peek

Thought I would give you just a peek at some of things in my booth.

 I liked this fallish looking basket filled with dishes in autum colors.Included is a tablecloth in case anyone wants to go on a picnic.

 This side has a lovely picture with brightly colored fruit and flowers.  An animal print throw and pillows blend with the colors nicely.

This is the cutest little side chair.  It would be perfect in a bedroom or as an entrance hall seat.

I painted two wrought iron charis a lovely lime green and reupholstered the seats in a leafy lime green and turquoise pattern.  I also painted a small half table to match.  This morning someone bought one of the chairs and the table.  I had envisioned them around a small round patio table so I thought people would want two chairs.  The lady said she wanted it for a desk chair for her daughter's room. Now I hope someone else  is looking for one lone chair. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Down

I have so many things I still want to do in my lifetime I will probably never get to do them all.  But last weekend I got to cross one thing off my list.  Several times in the last two years I have been slated to take a hot air balloon ride.  But the weather never was right for take off.  Finally on Sat. morning I got the call.  What do you mean meet me at the airport at 5:00 a.m..
We were guests at a magnificent sunrise.  The weather was perfect in the low 70's with a small skiff of mist floating just above the dew laden grass.

Oh look the pilot and balloon are here  Well,  I am not sure I am flying in something that comes in that small of a package. 

This is my hubby and oldest son.  Can you tell they have never done this before.  Just waiting for instructions.

OK, the next thing we do is light a fire to heat up the air the fan is blowing into the balloon.

That didn't take long at all!

The view is exciting from up here and the reflection of the balloon in the Lily pad pond is breathtaking.  The sun is warm on our shoulders and it is fun to wave to all the envious people below who have come out watch us float by. 

Wonder if they would invite me to coffee if I dropped in.

Well it looks like when it's time to land you just pick a nice backyard.

All this really has to back in that bag.

This is the top of the balloon.  It reminded me of a giant spider web.  So graphic too.

Took a lot of assets to get all the air out of the balloon.

This is my granddaughter M.  She really enjoyed her first balloon ride and is taking a little rest before we load the balloon.

This is our pilot Becky Petrehn and the granddaughter.  If you look closely at my granddaughter's hands you can see the leaves she captured as we flew low enough to touch the tree tops.  If you would like to have a balloon adventure contact Becky at Balloon Ad-Ventures.  913-9158150 is her phone number.  She is a
 great pilot and fun too,

Well one dream down only a thousand to go.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes as all of you know life gets so full that blogging is not even a consideration.  In an earlier post I mentioned that both my mother and brother were ill.  I have flown to WA state  three times in the past three months and stayed a week.  I was there for my brother's operation for esophageal cancer.  He came through the operation in great shape and will start his 2nd round of chemo soon.  My mother is now at peace and out of pain.  She was 87 and was still so full of fun and told jokes all the time  until the pain became too great.

And then, I don't know what I was thinking, but I decided to open an antique booth again.  Actually I found a little store in Greenwood. Mo that I really liked and the booth rent was reasonable.  I had so much stuff in storage from my last booth that I needed to sell or just toss.  I do thoroughly enjoy the hunt for treasures and decorating my booth.  It also has helped me to focus on fun things as well.

If you live close or are visiting the KC area please stop and visit my booth at "As Time Goes By" located at 605 Main on the south side of the street in Greenwood  The store in an old white house with a charming  front porch.  It is a great shop with a variety of vendors.  I am booth 16 or just ask for Stella's booth.

I am happy to be back and looking forward to visiting everyone.