Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy and savor each moment of your day.

All of my children have other plans this year so I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to my husband's sister for dinner. In someways it is bittersweet. I don't have to shop and cook. But, I have always enjoyed cooking for my loved ones and watching them enjoy the food.

May you have a joyous day as you count your blessings.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Shoes

As a child born just after the depression I spent my summers going barefoot and new shoes were purchased when it was time to go back to school. So that they would last through the winter there was always plenty of toe room and a style that was tough enough to take lots of hard wear. This meant they were oxford style shoes in either black or brown. Oh my, how my little girl heart would pine for the bright red Mary Jane's in the store window.

So I wrote a little something for those of you who's little girl heart longed for a pair of red shoes and still leaps at the sight of just that right pair of shoes.

Red Shoes

I woke up this morning
and jumped out of bed.
I looked at the sky
it was all yellow and red.

I said to myself
I know what I'll do.
I will go and show Nena
My brand new school shoes.

I pulled on my jeans
slipped on a pink sweater.
Cuddling my new shoes
I was set for my journey.

I said to myself
I know what I'll do.
I will take the path
through the woods
and carry my shoes.

The leaves were so bright
they glowed in the sun.
I stopped at the creek
to squish mud through my toes.

Then I washed in the creek
so cold and so clear.
Then I hopped on one foot
to see how far I could go.

Soon through the trees
Nena's house I could see.
With pretty green shutters
and Nena waiting for me.

We talked about school
and my new friend Ann.
Then I showed her my shoes.
And she said Oh! My!

The toes are so shiny
so pretty and new.
Yes, red is just
the right color for you.

My closet in now filled with shoes of every hue that still make my heart sing. Some I haven't been able to wear for awhile because the heels are too high. But soon.

I hope each of you has some small thing that makes your heart sing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Deco

I know I haven't been around for the last couple of weeks but the beautiful Indian Summer we are having has allowed me to work in the yard. I am trying to make up for all the time I lost this summer while my hip healed.

I did do some fall decorating in the house and thought I would share with you before it is time to decorate for Christmas.
This darling little couple you see cuddled up under a pot of Autumn flowers is actually a music box. They sit on the buffet in my dining room.

These cute little guys have climbed a stack of books to see if they can spot any candy left from Halloween.

My mantel sports a few autumn leaves, some orange candles elevated on upturned wine glasses. And one of my favorite things to decorate with - unframed oils by amateur painters.
Mr. Scarecrow takes it easy while he guards the last pumpkin in the patch from atop the desk in the dining room.

Here a gourd filled with fall leaves is elevated above the dining table on a mirror that is resting on two vases filled with candy corn.

This cute metal pumpkin is dressing up the vintage sewing machine in my front entry.

Welcome to fall at my home.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Welcome friends. Come in and sit awhile

I have been baking cookies all morning hoping you would drop by.
Please choose a cookie you would like. And would you prefer coffee or tea?

The pumpkins look very tasty.

Let me put a few on a plate. Oh heck, just grab a couple and we will go sit on the swing and enjoy the autumn sun.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Drive

It was a beautiful day as I drove to the lake last week for my appointment with my Dr. It was in the low 70's and a lovely sunshiny day. Just perfect for rolling down the windows and opening the lid on my car.

Beautiful wildflowers were in bloom along the roadside. I think these are Black Eyed Susans. They stretched for miles on both sides of the road.

The sky was an unbelievable shade of blue with hardly a cloud in sight.

These pumpkins, gourds, and squash were heaped beside the roadside but no for sale sign on them. I pulled into the driveway hoping someone would appear so I could buy a few.

On the other side of the road was this handsome fellow. I bet he was hoping if he put in an early appearance we would forget about him by Thanksgiving.

Fall, my favorite time of year here in the mid west. Sunny days, cool nights and all the colors of Autumn.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Come Walk With Me

Come walk with me in the garden. Most of the flowers are blooming for the last time and we don't want to miss the show.

My New Dawn climbing rose usually only blooms once but she is offering a few last blooms.

The red Saliva is doing better than it has all summer. The little hummers love to come visit this flower.

This is Betty Boop. Isn't she stunning. I planted her in memory of my mother-in-law who was a Betty.

Asters are always a favorite of mine. They last so well and the purple just pops in the garden.

Crepe Myrtle is sure to catch your eye.

The variegated Liriope just keeps blooming and needs no care.

And last is Hot Cocoa. Certainly an appropriate choice for the fall days ahead.

I am off to the lake to see my surgeon. This should be my last visit. I had hoped by this time I would not limping but my leg is not getting stronger as fast as I had hoped. However, I feel blessed that I am walking with no cane.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Is It?

Could someone tell me why you have to peel this many apples to get this small bowl of apple suauce.
And why I would even do it since I can just go to the store and buy it in a jar.
Well, I have to confess it is pretty yummy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Motorcycle Man

This is my hubby astride one of his prized possessions. For those of you who are into motorcycles it is a 1981 Honda Goldwing 1100. He bought it new in 1981 and we used to ride on weekends with a group of friends. We would go to Pella, Iowa to the Tulip Festival and out to Colorado to the Garden of the Gods. One summer we toured on it for 19 days. We left Kansas City, went through the Dakotas, Montana to visit my family, then in to Seattle to see my mother, down the coast of Cal. on Highway 101. While we were on 101 we had a forest fire creeping right up to the highway. We didn't know it was in back and in front of us. By the time we arrived in Cambria, CA where my hubby's Mom lived they had closed the road both in back and in front of us. In retrospective I am sure we should have not been riding.

Life changed like all lives do and we weren't riding much. So he put the bike in a warehouse to keep it protected and safe. Time flies and it remained in storage for 12 years. Last October he brought it home and spent the winter completely rebuilding his bike.

He now rides it every day when the weather permits. He says before we are too old he wants to take another tour. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it since I hurt my hip. But on Saturday I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, with little effort, I was able to swing my leg over the seat. We rode to Lawrence, Ks., had lunch at a small Mexican restaurant, and returned home.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the 80's with just a light breeze. I do love to ride. To me it the closest you can come to riding a horse. You can see everything, smell the sweet fragrance of golden rod and other flowers (and some not so pleasant odors),and feel the sun on your back and shoulders. I think hubby is right. We do need to make one last trip to somewhere.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cinnamon Toast

Toast was not a childhood memory for me as I grew up on a ranch in Montana where we had no electricity. So hot baking powder biscuits was the breakfast bread on our table.

But, for some reason, I woke up this morning craving cinnamon toast. Now I haven't had cinnamon toast since my children were small. But I do remember that they always thought it was such a special treat.

So I unveiled the toaster, softened some REAL butter, set out the sugar and cinnamon.

What a sweet treat it was along with some strong, black coffee.

I think we sometimes forget what small things can bring us joy and sweet memories.

How long since you have had cinnamon toast?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It is a grey, rainy day here in the mid west. So I decided to make a pot of ham and beans. They smell so yummy simmering away on the stove. Later I will stir up some cornbread and bake it in a cast iron skillet.

I went to the Dr. last week and had wonderful news. My fracture is healed and I was able to throw away that blasted walker. Most of the muscles in my leg are weak and I tire easily but I am able to walk without a cane and can drive.

I had to put many things in my life on hold while I was healing and one of these was taking bell lessons with one of my granddaughter. In order for a young person to take lessons they had to have an adult with them. I thought this was something we could do together that we both would enjoy. This photo is the last day of bell lessons.
Although I couldn't play because
because I couldn't stand I continued to go to lessons and listen and learn. Just look at the concentration on her face in this photo.

She was so proud of learning to play the bells.

My granddaughter was the only young person learning to play. As you can see the rest of the group was of my generation.
It's always fun to try new things no matter what your age. I hope this experience will encourage my granddaughter to join our church bell choir.
Hope each of you is having a fun filled week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's A Wonder!

Since I am the one at our house who does all the gardening and yard work my hubby rarely gets involved. However, while I was recovering at the lake house, I asked him to water my flowers as best he could. I realized I was asking him to do this while he worked, took care of the dogs, made his own meals and did his own laundry. I would occasionally asked how my flowers looked and he would say they are doing OK. So I wasn't expecting to see some pretty sad plants when I arrived home.
I couldn't believe my eyes! This pot of vining vinca was overflowing it's pot.

Petunias and verbena were dancing in their basket.
The moss rose was overflowing the bed.

The inpatients and hosta in the front looked healthy and happy.

Fuchsia bee balm and golden rod glowed in the sun.

Inpatients and dragon wing begonias thrived in their shady spot on the patio.

Roses and Lilly's made a bright spot to welcome everyone to the front door.
The fact that we were having 100 days made this even more of a wonder.

Well, he did forget a few pots. But what a great guy to take care of all of this for me because he knows how I love my garden.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life Is A Bouquet

In just a few short seconds you can find your life dramatically changed. I stepped out of our pontoon boat on to the boat ramp like I have done a thousand time in the last forty years.
Only this time my feet slipped from under me and I landed on my hip.
The last few weeks have been painful and sometimes frustrating but also filled with blessings.
My first blessing was a young man at the boat ramp who lifted me into the truck for the ride to the hospital. When the decision was made that it was best for me to remain at the lake to recover while my husband returned home to work my lake neighbors and friends rallied around. My neighbor D fixed a hot breakfast for almost every morning and sat on the porch with so I didn't have to eat alone. My other neighbor B fixed dinner for me and delivered it each night. They gathered up my laundry and returned it cleaned and folded. I have two long time friends who have houses at the lake who took me to Dr. appointments and cleaned my house. Althought my daughters couldn't stay they left me books to read and crosswords puzzles. So again I was truly blessed by all the people who surrounded me with love and care.
Knowing that I was by myself my family, cousins in Montana, and friends called me everyday to make sure I was OK and not lonesome. I spent lots of time reading, doing crossword puzzles and wishing for my computer so I could talk to my blogging friends.
Today I am home but stilled chained to my walker for at least two more weeks. The flowers posted are from my sister in Alaska. Not only are they beautiful flowers but they remind me of all the friends and family who helped me in the past few weeks. Each one is different, but beautiful in their own way. All of their kind acts and gift of love have bestowed on me a lasting bouquet of grateful thoughts and memories. I truly learned you don't know who will show up when it is the darkest.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just wanted let all of you who drop by that I have been in the hospital. I fell and broke my hip. Doing well after surgery and am home at the lake house resting. I have no computer here and have borrowed one from a neighbor. Miss visiting all of you. Stella

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yes, I Have Some Tomatoes

Yeah! I finally have some ripe tomatoes. Not very big and not very many.
But enough to make tomato and mozzarella salad. I make a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and fresh thyme.

How do you like to eat the first tomatoes of the season?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quiet Around Here

It was a quiet, uneventful July 4th at our house. For the first time since I can remember my husband and I did not celebrate the 4th at the lake. All the kids were either at the lake or had other plans so it was just us two. We just took it easy getting up late and working around the house. Had pizza and wine on the patio to celebrate the day. No BBQ this year.

I spent some time among the flowers admiring all the colors and pulling weeds. I thought this yellow golden rod against the magenta bee balm was stunning.

I fertilized all my pots and admired how my red, white, and blue pot was showing off. I will soon have to replace the pansies with something else as they don't do well in the heat.
My rose, Hot Chocolate, is being such a showoff this year. This is my second try with this particular rose. I planted the first one in a bed with the other roses and it didn't thrive. It seems to do better by itself in full sun.

Lots of green tomatoes on the vine. Can't wait for BLT's and tomato and mozzarella salad with some fresh thyme. All we need is a little sun. Seems like we have rain coming for the next three days. So unusual for Missouri in July. But it also means I don't have to water all the flower beds and lawn.
Hope all of you had a safe and fun 4th.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Gift

I don't enter give-a-ways just for the gift but will often leave a comment when someone is doing a give-a-way. A short time ago I had a comment from Dawn at Cottage State of Mind telling me I had won her give-a-way. Well, not only was I a winner, but Dawn sent everyone who commented a gift. I think there was over 30 comments so you can see this was no small task. I hope you will drop by and visit this generous lady as her blog is always so warm and fun to read.

I received my package from Dawn a couple of days ago. I was so excited it was like having a birthday or Christmas. Just getting the package and the anticipation of what was inside really lifted my spirits. Thanks Dawn, I need some spirit lifting.

Inside was a lovely card with a special personal message.

As I peeled back the packing I found two tea towels. One black and the other with black roosters and red writing. Dawn, I can see you really paid special attention to the colors I use and know I love roosters.

Next I unwrapped this beautiful plate. Red, my favorite color and the design is beautiful.

Also, included were four lovely placemats. Just perfect for my kitchen table.

Perfect Dawn, see how lovely everything looks on my table.

Thank you for the lovely gifts and I can tell you put your heart and soul in to to finding just the perfect gift for each person.

I will enjoy all of my gifts for a long time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thanks to all of you who stopped by to leave such nice messages about my flooded basement. The news isn't good. We will have to replace all of the floor, doors, baseboards, frig., and wine cooler. My Husqvarna embroidery machine was also a loss. I probably will not be replacing it as it was expensive and no longer in the budget.

I know all of this is replaceable but I feel so badly for my husband who spent four years taking this space from a blank cement basement to a lovely place to spend time. It is also much harder to view things as replaceable when you are 70 than when you were forty or fifty. You have less income, less potential for having more income, and less physical energy to put toward a project. I don't want you to think I am whining. I am not as I know this is such a small thing compared to what other face every day. I am thankful for all the blessings I have in my life.

Such as this pair of wrens who have built a nest in a hanging basket above the table I have coffee at each morning. She takes great offense that I would sit there and scolds me ruthlessly.

Can you see the little fluffy grey balls in the bottom of the nest?

I haven't been able to water my plant and it is slowly dying. But it's worth it to see the birds so close each day. I hope I am around when the babies decide to fly.
My flowers also give me great pleasure as I greet each new day.

My goldfish rise to the surface and wait to be fed each time I sit down as well. So I have many little things that bring me pleasure and I know that eventually all of the big things will find a resolution.
Also, help! What happened to my blog. My header picture won't reduce and is so grainy. It looks like blogger may have been making changes but I can't figure out out how to fix my header. Any suggestions anyone?