Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Roosters Are Crowing

Thanks for dropping by to visit all my fowl friends.

My name is Romeo and what was yours? Haven't we meant before?

Hi, I am Pierre I used to live in Paris. Now I just sit on a shelf in Missouri.

Sometimes you need a little help keeping a stiff upper lip.

I'm not talking to you until you speak to me.

It's morning! Wake up!

And they say women like to gossip.
And you got how many years just for checking out the corn in the produce department.

They went that away. You can catch them if you hurry.

Yes, I am the pepper.

Only time will tell how long we have to set on this shelf.
And the soup of the day is chicken noodle.
Doesn't look like chicken feed to me.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sisters Forever

Lord, help me leave a living trail
Of kindly deeds where I have been,
For I'll not have a second chance
To ever walk this path again.
Viola Jacabson Berg

We attended the funeral of one of my husband's twin Auntie's on Saturday. The picture above was taken two years ago at my MIL's funeral. They turned 97 in February and the family celebrated with a party in their honor. Aunt Pearl (on the left in the picture above)had broken a hip earlier in the year and never recovered enough to leave her wheelchair. So her passing was a blessing as she is no longer in pain. She leaves an empty space in all our lives but most of all in the life of her twin sister.

We never saw them when they weren't dressed in identical clothing. They might have different shoes or jewelry but always the same outfit. In later years they used different hairdresser so sometimes the hair wasn't quite the same color. But, even Saturday, they were decked out in their matching outfits. I'm glad when they get to meet again in heaven they will still match.

I never heard the twins call each other by their given name. They always said "Sister" when the addressed each other. My MIL (who was an oops baby) was fifteen years younger than the twins used to say how left out it made her feel. As if she wasn't a sister too. I am sure the twins never meant to exclude her as they are both very caring ladies.

They both went to the hairdresser and had their nails done every week. No pink polish for these ladies. Some weeks the nails were Christmas red or maybe ripe raspberry. I never ever saw them without thier makeup and fully dressed including their hose. In fact, the pastor said in his sermon he was sure Pearl was in heaven getting her nails done and not a hair out of place.

Up until the last year they both still drove and went to lunch with friends and to church. When asked what they wanted to do on their eightieth birthday they asked for a ride on my husband Goldwing motorcycle. They both came back excited about their first time on a motorcycle. Said their mother would never have let them ride behind a guy on a motorcycle.

So we will miss this feisty lady and I think their twinness (is that a word) which was so much a part of them .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lake ( Living Room)

This room is part of the first addition we built that we sectioned into a living room and a bedroom. We rarely use this room now as we seem to prefer the sun room. It is long and narrow and difficult to arrange furniture in to make a conversation grouping.

This blue chair is where I love to grab a cup of tea and a good book and curl up on winter evenings.

I prefer this room in the winter as there is a wood stove in one corner that we use to heat the house.

On the mantel above the stove I have a collection of cranberry hued ceramic ware.

On the wall across from the couch is an unpainted cabinet that houses the computer. Up until the last year we did not Internet access in this area so it was just to play games on.

On one side of the cabinet a teddy bear cuddles up in a hand appliqued baby quilt perched on a rusty old trunk.

On the other side sits a collection of patriotic Longaberger baskets.

Beside the computer cabinet is a long white shelf that my husband made. It hold some pretties and some of my quilts.

This is the wall you face when you walk into the room.

Beside the couch is a hand painted table that I found in the back of an old barn. It was so black I didn't realize it was green and had flowers until I brought it home and scrubbed it. Imagine my delight as I just bought because I like the shape.

Above the table is a small shelf and a cross stitched picture that my DIL made for me many years ago.

Just inside the door that enters from the sun room are pictures of all 10 of my grandchildren.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my lake house as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. My purpose was to have pictures of this house as I thought we had sold it. At the last minute everything fell through. We had planned to buy a bigger house with more land so my husband could build a shop. We had already decided on another piece of property with an almost new mobile home and a garage and had an option on it. I know the Lord has a plan for us so I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty Please. HELP!

I need some advice and help in blogging. I can't figure out how to link or how to post buttons on my sidebar. I would like to participate in more but am limited by lack of knowledge. Is there a book or a place to look for information? How did the rest of you learn how to do these thing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garden Treasurers

I enjoy the flowers in my garden but I also cherish the little treasurers I tuck here and there in the garden.

My son gave me this little blue bird for Mother's Day. His wings flap in the breeze and I wish you could see the look on his face. I am sure he just found the bug of his dreams.

A young girl and her kitten dream in the shade while a green gazing ball reflects the leaves sighing in the slight breeze. I found this small statue in the basement of a house my husband was remodeling and brought her home.

An old metal chicken water nestles among the flowers. I once used it to water the birds but it now has rusted through and won't hold water.

Pots of flowers snuggle on a small wrought iron bench.

A trio of small cherubs frolic in the bushes. I think they have been naughty boys and have been in the vineyard picking grapes before they are ripe.

An iron bird bath keeps the roses company. For some reason birds will not use this bath. I have to suppose they don't care for the rusty water. I was wondering if I should try to seal it with something so it doesn't rust. Has anyone tried this?

This is my husband contribution to the garden. I asked for another water feature and he agreed if he could pick the fountain. So now we have Pee-Pee boy tucked into a corner under the Dogwood tree.
A small cherub guards the bird bath while he creates a work of art.
Let me know if you like to tuck treasures in your garden.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Need To Know

I need to know if Southerns and Mid-Westerners are the only people that make cukes and onions in vinegar, sugar, and water. I was just talking to a friend on the East coast and she was making Oh Yuk noises. I grew up eating these on a Montana ranch but my grandmother was born and raised in Missouri.
So I would like to hear from you all where you grew up and if you ate this dish.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lake (Bedrooms)

As I mention in my first post about the lake house it started out as a small trailer. After a few years we added a room the complete length of the trailer and 10" wide. We divided this into a living room and a small bedroom. Well do you know how much bigger rooms look with no furniture in them. No, we didn't think to measure the furniture.

So we have a teeny little niche that the bed just slides into. Bed making is as good as a yoga workout. But it is cozy and a welcome place after a hard day on the lake.

At the foot of the bed is just room for a dresser.

On the other wall is an oak dresser with hanging space on one side. This is the only place to hang clothes in this room. But, you don't need many clothes at the lake, right? However, my one regret is that we failed to build more storage into our original plan.

The second bed is tucked into a small alcove just off the kitchen in the original trailer. If you check out the first post on the kitchen you can catch a glimpse of the bed just past the kitchen cabinets. There is a sliding door that closes it off from the kitchen at night. To me it has always had the feeling of a bunk on a sailing ship. Perhaps I am just a romantic.

Though neither bedroom is big they are so much better than the air mattress on the ground on which we slept years ago. Here's wishing you have a peaceful rest no matter where you lay your head.