Monday, April 26, 2010


Saturday bright and early (well it wasn't too bright - raining again). I gathered everything I need to make two cakes. I had a house warming to attend on Saturday afternoon and my granddaughter was having her confirmation on Sunday morning. I needed a cake for each occasion so I had to get busy.

Well, I think I know why some people just buy the cakes for special events. Quite a pile of pans to wash.
I wanted to make this cake special for my granddaughter. I had decided to make her cake square and didn't give a thought as to what I would use for a cake plate.

Of course it wouldn't fit on a round plate so I turned a cookie sheet over and taped a piece of lace to the cookie sheet. Not bad!

I bought a wooden cross at the local craft store and painted it white. Chose a pearl necklace that had belonged to my mother and twined around the cross. Just a little extra gift for the occasion. Also bought a floral garland with little white flowers to surround the bottom of the cake.
She had requested white cake with strawberry icing. I though the pink icing was very pretty with the white.

Since I was in decorating mode I also decked out the German chocolate cake I made for the housewarming. Something special for a young couple buying their first house together.

Everyone said they were yummy too.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I am joining Bargin Hunting (and chatting) With Laurie for favorite things Saturday.

The fountains in my garden are one of my favorite things. I am always so excited when it is warm enough to turn them on in the spring.

This fountain sits between my patio and a connecting deck. The main basin is sunk in the ground and water flows down from to oak barrels. This is where my goldfish live.

I constructed this small fountain by setting a small basin in the ground and running a hose to an old tea kettle.

Now close your eyes if you are shy. I have a naughty little boy in the corner of my yard.

Hope you enjoyed visting my fountains.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain Chain

It's storming here today. The thunder has sent my dogs to seek the comfort of their beds. I, however , like storms. As I was doing dishes I paused to gaze out my kitchen window and admire what a lovely picture my rain chain made surrounded by all the flower.

If you have never seen rain chains they are used in place of your downspout. I do so enjoy watching the water cascade down the chain.

And splash into the copper basin at the base.

Rain chains can be found on the Internet in many places. I have never seen them in the garden stores I frequent but they may have them. I have my heart set on another one that has tulip shaped cups that spill into each other. Mother's Day is coming so I dream.
Do any of you have a rain chain you enjoy?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Whispers

For the past week Spring has been whispering very insistently in my ear. It's time, it's time. The message is if you want to have your back porch looking like this you need to get busy.
So I stacked all the furniture and rolled all the rugs.

I pulled the trusty power washer out of storage.

And I washed away all the old paint and winter grunge.
Now all I have to do is re stain the deck and put everything in it's place again.
Can't wait to have my cup of coffee outside soon.

Meanwhile all the trees and shrubs have burst forth in all their glory.

Dogwood and Redbuds rival each other in their glory.

Dogwood and redbuds are native to Missouri and the hills in the southern part of the state our a wonder to behold on a spring day.

The beauty of the redbud is you can see the gracefully curved trunk through the buds.

Lilac are bounteous this year because of all the moisture we had this winter in the form of snow.

Even though Spring is whispering in my ear I had to take time to enjoy all the beauty surrounding me on this beautiful spring day.
Hope you are enjoying too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

While I Was Away

I bet you all thought I was away some where wonderful enjoying myself. The fact is it was anything but wonderful. I was stuck at home in my own little bed with my foot propped in the air for a week and then on crutches for a week. This week I am hobbling on my own power. About three weeks ago while tearing down our garden shed that burned in December I stepped on two nails and drove them completely through my foot.
Have you ever tried to carry a hot cup of coffee to your favorite chair so you can watch the birds? Let me tell you it is quite a feat. First you put your coffee on the nearest flat surface, then you scoot to the next solid surface, until finally after 15 minutes you make it to the chair. Oh well, I like cold coffee.
While I was holed up inside Spring arrived in my garden.

Aren't these the most beautiful tulips. The color is a crimson red touched with light yellow on the tips.

My shade garden I started last spring is finally looking like a garden instead of a dirt patch.

Just love the delicate blue flowers on this plant.
It's so good to be back in the garden.