Monday, March 29, 2010

Bunnies,Bunnies Everywhere

Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere.
Mama bunny watches while the little ones stop to smell the new spring flowers.

This young bunny appears to be delighted with his egg even if it is cracked.

Several bunnies stop to sniff the daffodils in the entry way.

Mr and Mrs Bunny do some spring gardening chores.

I saw some
chatting on the buffet.

Oh look! They are gathering flowers and carrots on the side table.
I think Easter is almost here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ice Cream

As a treat for my granddaughter's birthdays I always take them shopping and then to lunch. For lunch they can have anything they choose. My youngest granddaughter just turned six and she chose to have french toast, bacon, sprite, and an ice cream sundae.

I was amused as I watched her dig with glee into this mountain of ice cream. She enjoyed so much just watching it drip from her spoon. I remember all the times I told her mother "just eat your food, don't play with it". As I get older I think perhaps we are missing part of the experience of eating when we don't use all of our senses to enjoy our food. After all what harm does it really do to, touch it, smell it, or listen to the sound it makes as it plops back in the dish. Perhaps Miss Emily who wrote the book of manners back in 1819 can tell me why. As a grandmother I see no reason why not!

Oh yummy, big bites are so much fun.

Wow! good to the very last spoonful

So I hope you will enjoy not just your ice cream but all life has to offer with all your senses. I don't care what Miss Emily says. Go ahead! color outside the lines, let your ice cream drip from the spoon just to hear the plop, sit and listen to the birds even if your late for your dentist appointment. Live life to it's fullest!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Friends

Last week we attended the funeral (we seem to be doing this a lot lately) of one of my husband's best friend's mother. As I watched my husband and his two best friends talking and laughing I was struck by how life long friends are so woven into the fabric of our lives.Because I was an army brat I haven't retained any friends from my school years. But my husband has had these two best friends since he was 9 or 10.

D, B, and Hubby

These three guys spent their preteen days hunting in the fields around their homes with a BB gun. Later during their teen years cruising drive-ins. During our young married lives we took all of our kids and spent our weekends camping at the lake in a huge circle. Today we don't seem to see each as much. B, the one on the left has had throat cancer but seems to be in remission. D, the one in the middle has suffered four strokes and has lost the use of one arm and has great difficulty walking. As I watched them enjoy each others company it seemed I should grab a photo. We never know when one of this trio might leave us.

This is D and his bride of 45 years. She is his angel he says. She takes such care of him since his stroke and meets his every need. They are extra special to us and they stood up with us when we were married 44 years ago.

My husband is my special friend too. Who else but a best friend would take a girl hunting for squirrel on their honeymoon. You know I thought it was so special I even carried the squirrel he bagged.
So if you have some life long friends why don't you give them a call or drop by to see them. In this mobile, busy society old friends should be cherished.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring!

The calendar says it's spring.

What could speak spring more poignantly than spotting my first garage sale sign. We had a high in the 70's yesterday. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Spring is here.

Well. Not quite! This is the view from my kitchen window this morning with more to follow through the night. I know you shouldn't envy. But to those of you with flowers in bloom and sweet spring breezes I do feel just a little bit of why not me.
Happy First Day of Spring!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Am Going to do This! And It's been a Year.

When I started posting a year ago I am not sure what my goals were. I just knew I really enjoyed reading other blogs, getting some great ideas, and was touched by the friendships that flourished between many of the bloggers.

I had no idea of how get readers to my post. I had been following some blogs I enjoyed so I decided to seek advice. I sent out an SOS to Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage . She e-mailed me many suggestions and was kind enough to comment on my first post. Kim, a huge thank you goes out to you, without your encouragement, I would not have published even my first post. I was a little discouraged as I received no comments on my second and third posts. But I had promised myself to give my blog a year.

So as I look backward at the first year it is with mixed emotions. I certainly enjoy at the end of the day turning on the computer to find comments that are always so heart lifting, full of praise and encouragement, and sometimes the giggle I need to to give me a lift. So thanks so much to all of you who have stopped by over the year. A special heartfelt one for the friends who are so constant in their visits and sweet comments and to those of you who offered technical advice when I couldn't figure it out.

I have found out one thing. Blogging does require a lot of my time. Somehow it also seems to carry with it some stress. You know: Am I posting often enough? Will the people who leave comments get bored? How come more people aren't reading my blog or coming back again. Should I have a give away to boost my readership? Should I be spending my time blogging when so many other things need to done. Guess I need to give all these things some thought. However, I thought you might enjoy reading my first post so I have republished it below.

(My first post)
Although, It is only April and still cold here in Kansas City, I have decided I will get my feet wet. I set up a blog in September 2008, typed a few blogs I never posted, lurked on my favorite blogs, and got cold feet. But I can do this. Right!

So, now I need a catchy name for my blog. I lurked and lurked. OK, most people use a cute name for their home or their name. Bluebell Cottage or House at the End of the Lane isn't quite right for a 50's ranch in urban Kansas City (no we don't still have cows in the street) as my sister-in-in law in CA believes.

Well, maybe my name, Stella, what can I do with that. When I was in high school in the 50's I so wanted to have one of those cute names. You know, Debbie, Barbie, or Cathy. Who would name a child Stella, my Mother that's who. After all, it was the custom to name children after their family. My grandmothers were Stella Odessa and Charlotte Pearl, so with much love I was named Stella Pearl. As I grew older, I realized Stella wasn't bad ,they could have named me Charlotte Odessa and they probably would have called me Charlie O.

Today, I have learned to enjoy the comments about my name when I am introduced to someone for the first time. This generation comments, Hey Stella's Got Her Groove Back, those of you who remember Marlon Brando in, On The Waterfront, Stelllaaa, and an older generation says, Oh, Stella by Starlight. Stella by Starlight is a song most of you are probably not familiar with. It was written by Victor Young and featured in a movie "The Uninvited" in 1944. It was played as an instrumental in that movie and lyrics was written for it in 1946. It was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1947 . So, I had three choices and since I am a romantic, Stella by Starlight it is.

I really am going to post this and hope all of you out there will kindly leave a comment so I can get to know you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Darkness Is For Dreaming

For a number of years I spent my spare time writing down poems and children's stories that danced though my mind. But several years ago I quit committing any of it to paper. I felt since I had no intention of publishing and didn't share my writing with anyone I could make better use of my time.. So I started an antique booth and begin quilting. Several weeks ago the following poem wouldn't leave me be so I did write it down. I hesitated about publishing it as I have never shared what I wrote even with my family. But somehow I am comfortable enough to share this with my blogging friends. So I hope when evening comes you will take a few moments to dream.

Darkness Is Made For Dreaming

As twilight steals on stealthy toes
My soul unfurls and stretches wide.
And waits with breathless yearning
For in my secret heart I know
That darkness is made for dreaming.

Be still my restless mind I say
Why must you always ponder.
Release your hold on
Things left undone,
Tomorrows list of worries,
And bitter words better left unspoken.
For darkness is made for dreaming.

Linger now on special moments.
Sun drenched mornings
Sparkling with dew,
Of lovely moments spent
On a warm garden bench, and
Slow dances on a moonlight night.
For darkness is made for dreaming.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunshine on My Mantel

I am sure it is spring somewhere. Several of you have posted photos of your flowers blooming so I know there is hope. Today is another cloudy, rainy, cold March day. So I thought I would add some sunshine to my life by decorating my mantel with all the sunny yellow I have collected over the winter while thrifting.

I picked up some yellow vases that fit nicely on my mantel. My dream is to have a mantel about twice as wide as this one. It is only about 5" wide so it limits what I can place on the mantel.

This bunny looks like he is happy to be splashing in all the rain puddles. He appears to be on his way to the library to find a good book to read on a blustery day.

Another pair of sweet little bunnies sniff the air hoping to smell some springtime fragrances wafting on the breeze.

A precious little girl waits hoping to fill her basket with the first dandelions. Surely the dandelions can't be far away as they are always the first to bloom in the spring.

I certainly need a dose of sunshine this week. I have had a terrible cold that started in my head and has since moved down to my chest. I am sure there must be a mule sitting there and he refuses to move no matter how much medicine I take.
However, I am off to the lake for the weekend and also Monday. I need to meet the power and light man so he can install a post and meter on the property we are clearing. So enjoy your weekend everyone.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bunny Table

I thought I would join all the other ladies this week at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday.

Here's my table all set for Easter Brunch.

For the dinner plate I used my Princess House plates and for salad I used some pink petal plates I thrifted. For fun I put some jelly beans in a sherbet bowl I will probably use to serve strawberries and ice cream. I finished off the place setting with a napkin in pastels with a bunny napkin ring.

My glasses are depression pink sitting on a square depression pink saucer.

I really wish you could see the place mats better when the table is set. They are so cute done in a shiny yellow chintz with dancing flowers.

A shy pair of bunnies stand in for the salt and pepper. In this photo you can enjoy al the colorful Easter eggs that decorate my tablecloth.

And come twilight Mr and Mrs Bunny go for a stroll on the table top.

Thanks for joining me for Tabletop Tuesday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's True There's Hope

It's true. There's hope. Spring is coming. See my daffy daffodils coming up thorough the snow.
I had almost given up hope. But it is almost 60 today and suppose to be warmer tomorrow.
You should see the smile on my face.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Am Happy To Announce

I am happy to announce the Lenten Dinner was a great success. They licked all the platters clean. We served every last scrap of food. I think we served closer to 80 than the 60 I originally planned to serve. Next time I definitely need to make twice as much cornbread. I used honey and buttermilk to make it and it was the hit of the party.

The purple daisies on the table are the ones I used to decorate the tables the night of the dinner. I also put bowls of jelly beans on the table. Looked quite festive with the white table covers. I meant to take photos but got so busy serving I forgot.
Have a good weekend friends.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hope There Is Enough!

I spent my morning cooking for the Lenten Dinner at church tonight.

My biggest fear is always that I won't make enough food.

I made a roaster oven of chili and one of chicken soup. Then a huge pan of corn bread and bought saltine crackers.

This should feed 60 people don't you think?

I added a huge salad and will serve lemonade, iced tea, and coffee. I have delegated desserts so hope they show up.

I have to go load all this in the car now so wish me luck.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine At Last

Finally, we had a warm weekend. In the mid 40's, blue sky, and only needed one coat. So we were off to our lake house which we have put off visiting for most of the winter because of the snow and ice storms.

Early Saturday morning I took the dogs for a walk in the woods behind our house. It is my favorite place to walk in the fall and spring. In the summer there is so much vegetation it makes walking difficult.

At the bottom of the hill is a small stream and you can see
Mac crossing the stream on a natural stepping stone path.

Mac loves to play in the water and chase the water droplets. If you enlarge the photo you will see he looks as if he is walking on a rainbow. Feels like paradise to him.

This is Annie. She is so shy she doesn't play in the water but just watches Mac. She sticks to me like a cockle burr on sweat pants.

When it is warmer this is where I come with my book to sit by the water and read. Perfect seat as it even has a back and I can hear the water running over the rocks.

While I was playing my hubby is cleaning a lot we bought across from the house. We needed a storage building where we can put all the tools and boats.
It was completely cover with trees and under bush. We actually have cleared quite a lot of it already.
If you look closely I did do some work. See the pile of trash piled around the base of the tree in the foreground. This is just a small portion of all the trash that was strewn on the lot.

We still have several weekends of work to get the trees cut but it is looking better.
Notice the blue sky in this photo.
We have had gray cloudy sky so much of this winter this was a pure treat.
Takes a hard winter to make us appreciate the first signs of spring doesn't it?