Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Wise Woman Said

 A wise woman once said don't try out a new recipe when you are going to be serving guests.  Well, I am sure that says it all.  I am taking dessert to our Bible study group tonight so I thought I would take something special.  I had seen a recipe for a Snicker Bar cupcake I thought sounded delicious.  So simple too.  You just mix up the cake mix, fill the muffin tin and then insert a mini Snicker Bar into the batter.  Looked good, smelled good, but didn't come out of the pan pretty.  The Snicker Bars sank to the bottom and all the caramel melted to the bottom of the tin.  Result - no bottom in the cupcakes but a beautiful top.

I decided I didn't have time to run to the store and bake again so I decided to be inventive.  I turned the cupcakes over on the top and frosted the bottom.

    Then I drizzled on caramel sauce and dressed them up a bit with a Snicker Bar.

What do you think?  Should I confess tonight or just let them think I am creative?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Think I Am Back

 I have missed blogging but just haven't been able to wrap my my mind around all the things going on in my life.  My mother is in a care center at the moment hoping they can get her back on her feet. The cancer has spread to her bones so she is in a great deal of pain.   I have been trying to communicate with social workers in Washington state by phone.  Not an easy task to accomplish.  At this time we are looking for an assisted living for her.  My brother was doing all the day to day things she needed but while I was home he also was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. 
So he is currently having chemo and radiation which means he no longer has the time or energy to do all of these things.  He still drives and hour to visit her at least every other day.

My mother is still cheerful and funny even though she doesn't feel good most days.  She turned 87 in April and I was able to be there for her birthday. I was so glad to be able to spend a week with her. When she is home she spends her days watching her birds out the window from her couch and reading books. 

I am so blessed to have had her for so many years.