Monday, August 23, 2010

It's A Wonder!

Since I am the one at our house who does all the gardening and yard work my hubby rarely gets involved. However, while I was recovering at the lake house, I asked him to water my flowers as best he could. I realized I was asking him to do this while he worked, took care of the dogs, made his own meals and did his own laundry. I would occasionally asked how my flowers looked and he would say they are doing OK. So I wasn't expecting to see some pretty sad plants when I arrived home.
I couldn't believe my eyes! This pot of vining vinca was overflowing it's pot.

Petunias and verbena were dancing in their basket.
The moss rose was overflowing the bed.

The inpatients and hosta in the front looked healthy and happy.

Fuchsia bee balm and golden rod glowed in the sun.

Inpatients and dragon wing begonias thrived in their shady spot on the patio.

Roses and Lilly's made a bright spot to welcome everyone to the front door.
The fact that we were having 100 days made this even more of a wonder.

Well, he did forget a few pots. But what a great guy to take care of all of this for me because he knows how I love my garden.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life Is A Bouquet

In just a few short seconds you can find your life dramatically changed. I stepped out of our pontoon boat on to the boat ramp like I have done a thousand time in the last forty years.
Only this time my feet slipped from under me and I landed on my hip.
The last few weeks have been painful and sometimes frustrating but also filled with blessings.
My first blessing was a young man at the boat ramp who lifted me into the truck for the ride to the hospital. When the decision was made that it was best for me to remain at the lake to recover while my husband returned home to work my lake neighbors and friends rallied around. My neighbor D fixed a hot breakfast for almost every morning and sat on the porch with so I didn't have to eat alone. My other neighbor B fixed dinner for me and delivered it each night. They gathered up my laundry and returned it cleaned and folded. I have two long time friends who have houses at the lake who took me to Dr. appointments and cleaned my house. Althought my daughters couldn't stay they left me books to read and crosswords puzzles. So again I was truly blessed by all the people who surrounded me with love and care.
Knowing that I was by myself my family, cousins in Montana, and friends called me everyday to make sure I was OK and not lonesome. I spent lots of time reading, doing crossword puzzles and wishing for my computer so I could talk to my blogging friends.
Today I am home but stilled chained to my walker for at least two more weeks. The flowers posted are from my sister in Alaska. Not only are they beautiful flowers but they remind me of all the friends and family who helped me in the past few weeks. Each one is different, but beautiful in their own way. All of their kind acts and gift of love have bestowed on me a lasting bouquet of grateful thoughts and memories. I truly learned you don't know who will show up when it is the darkest.