Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thanks to all you, my friends, who have dropped by to leave such nice comments through the years even when I haven't been the most timely of bloggers.  I appreciate each and everyone of you and have enjoyed spending time with you and sharing your day to day life.  Stella

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Backless or Not?

I picked up this little end table to fix up and take to the shop.  When I found it I thought I would have my hubby close it in witha a beadboard back. But decided it was kind of cute and had an open look without the back.  Also thought you could put larger books or boxes on it and not be limited by the back.

I brightened it up with a couple of coats of Ducks Egg Blue and a white wash over that.

The sides are nice and curvy which I thought would make it appealing.

Put a cute little design on the top.  Alas! it is still sitting in the shop.  My questions is would you buy a table without a back.  Does it appeal to you or would you rather have it closed in?