Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sassy Lady

Sassy Lady

Your first impression may be she is just a shy clinging vine.

So, you want to get to know her better. Then perhaps you need to stop by for a visit each day. You might start by telling her how you admire her striking form. On further acquaintance you might even be so bold as to lovingly caress her petals and tell her how beautiful she is today. You know even flower ladies like to be told they look stunning. Gee, it is hard to start a conversation with someone you don't know well Well, you can always tell her you like the color she is wearing. It is amazing what kind words and loving attention can do to make your friendship grow and blossom.

Then one day when you stop to visit and you find this lady who you thought was quiet and shy has turned into one SASSY LADY!
In some ways flowers are much like people don't you think? When the bud first emerges they may not have much appeal. But if you will make the effort to get to know them you may find you have a new friend who is a very Sassy Lady.
I hope you find a new friend today.


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