Thursday, December 3, 2009

On The First Day of Christmas

I decorated the dining room.

My snowmen get to play on top of my china cabinet
all winter long until it is time to decorate for Valentine's Day.

They sit on top of the cabinet that holds
my pink depression glass.

This is part of my collection of pink depression glass.
I have more packed away because it was bowing the shelves in my cabinet.
Most of my glass is Mayfair Open Rose pattern.

This happy fellow twinkles and shines
so is assigned to night duty.

A pair of rolly polly guys take a sleigh ride to admire
the winter scenery.

The top of the buffet is a snowman's playground.
The sit and gossip as they wait for it to snow.

These happy guys wave to passersby hoping they will stay and play.

The desk in the corner that usually holds only those dreaded bills
is now hosting a snowman conventions.

Even the crystal chandy is dressed for the occasion.
And on the 2nd Day of Christmas??????


D said...

Hi, Stella,

You have a wonderful collection of the snow guys. I love your little hutch.


Chatty Crone said...

You have been a very busy girl. 27people over for Thanksgiving and now your decorations are up. And pretty ones at that. Love your pink glass collection.

Mimi said...

I love your snowman collection, your collection and mine could be such good friends!!!!You have displayed them so sweetly!!!!
Is is going to snow at your place soon??? Not here!!!!!
But it's cold!!!!

Eileen said...

Beautiful decorating!!
You have really nice Christmas decorations, and your home too is beautifully decorated! I love your furnishings and I'm really coveting that depression glass. Fabulous!

Great chandelier, dressed in it's Christmas finest!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Oh your dining room looks so pretty! I love your depression dishes and the wall color is one of my favorites!