Friday, March 19, 2010

I Am Going to do This! And It's been a Year.

When I started posting a year ago I am not sure what my goals were. I just knew I really enjoyed reading other blogs, getting some great ideas, and was touched by the friendships that flourished between many of the bloggers.

I had no idea of how get readers to my post. I had been following some blogs I enjoyed so I decided to seek advice. I sent out an SOS to Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage . She e-mailed me many suggestions and was kind enough to comment on my first post. Kim, a huge thank you goes out to you, without your encouragement, I would not have published even my first post. I was a little discouraged as I received no comments on my second and third posts. But I had promised myself to give my blog a year.

So as I look backward at the first year it is with mixed emotions. I certainly enjoy at the end of the day turning on the computer to find comments that are always so heart lifting, full of praise and encouragement, and sometimes the giggle I need to to give me a lift. So thanks so much to all of you who have stopped by over the year. A special heartfelt one for the friends who are so constant in their visits and sweet comments and to those of you who offered technical advice when I couldn't figure it out.

I have found out one thing. Blogging does require a lot of my time. Somehow it also seems to carry with it some stress. You know: Am I posting often enough? Will the people who leave comments get bored? How come more people aren't reading my blog or coming back again. Should I have a give away to boost my readership? Should I be spending my time blogging when so many other things need to done. Guess I need to give all these things some thought. However, I thought you might enjoy reading my first post so I have republished it below.

(My first post)
Although, It is only April and still cold here in Kansas City, I have decided I will get my feet wet. I set up a blog in September 2008, typed a few blogs I never posted, lurked on my favorite blogs, and got cold feet. But I can do this. Right!

So, now I need a catchy name for my blog. I lurked and lurked. OK, most people use a cute name for their home or their name. Bluebell Cottage or House at the End of the Lane isn't quite right for a 50's ranch in urban Kansas City (no we don't still have cows in the street) as my sister-in-in law in CA believes.

Well, maybe my name, Stella, what can I do with that. When I was in high school in the 50's I so wanted to have one of those cute names. You know, Debbie, Barbie, or Cathy. Who would name a child Stella, my Mother that's who. After all, it was the custom to name children after their family. My grandmothers were Stella Odessa and Charlotte Pearl, so with much love I was named Stella Pearl. As I grew older, I realized Stella wasn't bad ,they could have named me Charlotte Odessa and they probably would have called me Charlie O.

Today, I have learned to enjoy the comments about my name when I am introduced to someone for the first time. This generation comments, Hey Stella's Got Her Groove Back, those of you who remember Marlon Brando in, On The Waterfront, Stelllaaa, and an older generation says, Oh, Stella by Starlight. Stella by Starlight is a song most of you are probably not familiar with. It was written by Victor Young and featured in a movie "The Uninvited" in 1944. It was played as an instrumental in that movie and lyrics was written for it in 1946. It was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1947 . So, I had three choices and since I am a romantic, Stella by Starlight it is.

I really am going to post this and hope all of you out there will kindly leave a comment so I can get to know you.


Daisy Cottage said...

Welcome to Blogland Stella!!!
You did it!

I'm so proud of you and your blog is already blooming beautifully!!!

Your home is precious! And I wish I had your green thumb!

Adding your blog to my Blog Candy page now.
I'm so happy you are here.


Tam said...

I found your blog by accident today but the reason I visited was because it was by a STELLA. My grandmother was named Stella and I wanted and hoped my second child would be a girl so I could Name her STELLA but also He was a HE..LOl I love the Name Stella..I feel that it is a strong female Name! OK I shared way to much there...LOL Anyway the bottom line is I wanted to SAY HI STELLA! said...

You are right! Blogging is a LOT of work! I'm not sure if I just "blogged" anyone would give a hoot about my mundane life. I know my followers are just there to get inspiration from my projects. That is why I blog.
I'm glad you liked my candlestick birdbath. I was just lucky enough to find the two pieces at the same store.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

I was so worried when I started to read your blog I thought you were quitting. DON'T!

I think you're very honest about your questions and if we were honest we all have questions like those.

I go thru it myself and then I always come back to the same conclusion - to do my best and to forget the rest.

God will put in my life who he wants me to meet.

I have met so many neat and wonderful sisters by blogging.

You are one - and yes it does take a lot of time.


Denise said...

Congratulations on your first year of blogging. You said a lot of what I often think in this post, about readers, and will they get bored, will they come back, comment etc. .. truth be told if they do or they don't I still love to blog, I have still made some great friends, and I wouldn't change it for the world - nor would I stop blogging ;-)

Kimberly said...

Happy Blogiversay!

It is fun to look back! I am glad to have you as a bloggy friend.

Vicki said...

Oh, I too came by for a fast catch-up hello and wondered if you decided to not blog anymore. Please, although I'm a fairly new follower, I love coming here to read what 'Stella' wrote. Blogging does take time, I'm just lucky to be alone and can do it whenever. I've started the story of my family and it takes a lot of time. But I love to write and blogging is my outlet. I've made some heartfelt friends during my first year, which is coming up. So don't get discouraged. I love your first post, you did great! So on to another great year, right?? And I'll come back more often...

Chatty Crone said...

I'm going to add it to the list!
stir in a cup of viewing life with a sense of humor.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning Stella, isn't our Missouri weather something else this year. I'm not far from you, just on the other side of Liberty about 20 miles or so. How nice to meet another fellow Missourian. Congrats to you on blogging a year. Like you, I jumped in with both feet got them wet and then was hooked. There are days it's a test to post, just not enough hours in the day or inspiration in my You have a beautiful blog, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better... hugs ~lynne~

Vicki said...

Hi, Stella,
I love your name. Like you, I always wanted a more glamorous name. Vicki seemed so common. Why couldn't I have been Victoria? I am glad you started your blog, and some of your thoughts are thoughts we have all had about our blogs. Winter is having a last hurrah here in Central Texas with a cold, wet, blustery day. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, my friend! Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella, I saw your comment on Rhondis blog Rose Colored Glasses and decided to check out your blog. It's nice to meet a neighbor- I live in KC too so the view out my kitchen window this morning is much like yours.
I"ll go check out the rest of your blog now.
I enjoyed reading about your blog name, I assumed it either meant you lived by Starlight Theater or perform @ Starlight.
Oh, and I am a huge fan of Daisy Cottage too. Kims blog and Tina Smiths blog Cherry Hill Cottage were the first two I started reading a year ago.