Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old Barns

Sometimes on Sunday afternoons after church my husband and I just take a ride down a road we haven't explored before. We look at the old barns, the farms that are sitting vacant and lament the passing of an era. We also take great pleasure in all the wild flowers that are blooming.

We thought this barn had such personality. The rusted tin roof and the cupola on top made a wonderful picture.

I guess I particularly love old barns because that is where I spent lots of my childhood following my grandfather while he did the chores. I was allowed to give a bottle to the bum lambs and the calves who's mothers wouldn't nurse them.
Soon the trees and vines will over take this old barn and it will no longer exist.
I am sad when I see all the old barns disused, over taken by vines and falling down. I would like to take them all home and rebuild them.

This barn looked like it had a cross on top but when viewed from the side it was actually a lightening rod.

From this angle you can see the three rods attached to the barn.

This old building remindedme of the one my grandfather used to keep all the saddles and harnesses in on the ranch. In the winter when there was snow on the ground and he couldn't work he would build a fire and sit and repair all the leather on the ranch.

Beside the road Black eyed Susan were growing in profusion. These were growing along a creek bed that was almost dry.
The fields were a mass of yellow. So much beauty and so peaceful. It was a lovely Sunday. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday drive with me. I not sure that many people take Sunday drives anymore but I think maybe they should be revived. They soothe the soul.


Mimi said...

Oh I too love old barns, I grew up in AZ, but there was barns around!!! But I loved going to visit family in INdiana and playing in those old barns!!!!!
So many fun times we had!!!!!
Beautiful pics and a fun Sunday drive!!!!
Love doing that!!!!

Tammy said...

Oh, I love a barn, I actually had a shot of one that I debated making black & white instead of the cemetery today.

I've played in the loft of one very similar to the one with the lightening rods....great photography!☺

Marfa (formula for a life) said...

Oh Stella, those old farms are such relics. I don't understand why they let them get like that. I mean, heck they can be given other uses instead of letting the elements and nature destroy them. They have such a sad beauty. I live in Miami. You don't really see barns around here very much. But while visiting a friend in Ohio a few years back I saw many old barns out in the countryside. They make awesome sites for photos shoots. I still wish we could see the farmer and his family working the land and using those barns as they were intended though.

Shelia said...

Hi Stella! It's so nice to meet you! Oh, I love these photos of the olden barns. There is a sadness about them though, isn't there? Lovely field of flowers too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

A Romantic Porch said...

You're right! My cows would go perfectly with your barns. It would be great to get them together. The first photo of the barn is absolutely beautiful. xo rachel

Bearly Sane said...

Love barns ... love driving through the country side ... enjoyed my day out with you!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a lovely ride...thanks for taking me along:-).
Looking at the old barns is joyous and sad. Your pics are beautiful.

Eileen said...

These pictures were beautiful, thanks for sharing!
I love all the barns and I especially love the path!
Great photographs!
Great post!

I haven't been able to post at all, too many sick people here at home.
All the best,

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Hi Stella

Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in on my give away. Wanted to thank you and wish you good luck.

The pictures are beautiful. It's such a shame to see them just left to fall apart.

Hugs Pam

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Love the photos of the old barns! They are beautiful and I often marvel at all the different types of structures as we drive along on a lovely autumn day enjoying the countryside! Thanks for sharing these!

Lue Madson said...

What an amazing Sunday you had! A Barn always has a huge space in everyone’s heart, particularly for people who grew up there, just like you. Its homey and comfortable appearance is what I think people love the most. These are nice collection of barns. and hopefully you inspire people, especially owners to rebuild and maintain the beauty of these structures.

Lue Madson