Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Was A Wonderful Thanksgiving

Well it was a good Thanksgiving. All my guests have finally departed. I love them you know but a week sometimes gets a little long. I had hoped the basement would be really complete but it didn't happen. But if you will check out my post from November 11, Almost There, you can see we did make some progress. It was complete enough to hold 27 people for Thanksgiving Dinner. I was so thankful for all the extra room.

The sconces are hung. But ----

They can't be turned on because the post where the switch is going to be is not completed yet.
However all the Pergo is laid and the floors are beautiful. So nice to have something to walk on besides cold cement floors.

Papa Bear's chair was in place for all the football games.

The curtains are up, there is a rug on the floor and the fireplace was burning brightly.
Most importantly the big screen was in place so the men could root for their favorite team.

I added some extra seating to the room with this black bench. Later I think I will make a cushion for it so it is a little more comfy.
A few fall decorations on the mantel an this room was ready for the party. Now all we have to complete is the trim work and oak treads for the stairs.
I hope all of you had a festive Thanksgiving and have your Christmas plans well under way.


Chatty Crone said...

Gee you've had snow and then today 65. It is still warm here too, but I bet it was in the high 50's today. Supposed to be getting colder though.

Hey your room is wonderful. 27 people! You must have a huge family. Were there a lot of children too. Did everyone go all over the house? Did they stay with you?

You must be tired! Hope you get some rest this week.

Jean Tuthill said...

I hope other people helped you cook for 27 people! We had a very nice day and completed it with the "Christmas Vacation" movie. Our tradition. I'm so looking forward to Christmas now. I love giving really good gifts to everyone! Your room is beautiful and it'll be done in no time.

Cynthia K. said...

Stella~Wow! I think your room is looking beautiful and if it held 27people, it has to be huge. That is great and I love the color of your walls. The fall display on your mantel is lovely. I am crazy about sconces and these look fabulous - without or with light!

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Mimi said...

HI Stella!!!!
The room is awesome, very nicely decorated and a large room at that!!! WOW 27 guests!!!!! Good for you!!! Love large families!!!!
I cannot wait to see the room all done and the Christmas decorations up!!!!

Eileen said...

Your room looks lovely and all your decorative touches make it seem complete even if there are some final details left to be done!
It's nice you had your family, but it's nice to have the place back to normal again, right?!

I can imagine your mantle will look beautiful with a Christmas transformation just as it looks beautiful for Fall!
I've been busy already, and I'm glad because I just want to get the empty boxes back up in the attic and sit back and enjoy the few weeks of the season.

Enjoy your extra room! It's nice it was already Christened with family!
All the best to you,