Thursday, January 7, 2010

And Still It Snows

If I were a little younger I would be able to use
this sled and the skates today.

Kansas City is frigid with windchill way below zero and wind gusts of up to 40 MPH. We
also were treated to another 4 inches of snow thru the night.

As you can see the little girl who lives in my birdbath is up to her chin in fluffy white stuff.

The view out my kitchen window is a winter wonderland. The snow on my patio table measures 12 inches.

If you read one of my earlier posts you will know we had a fire. What we didn't think about was all of our snow shovels and snow removal equipment was in the shed. When we went to buy replacements most of the stores were already sold out. So we have one snow shovel. We do have a nice Son-in-law who has come and used his snow blower on the drive for us.

Today I am thinking of those who live in warmer climes and are sitting on your porch and admiring your flowers that are in bloom. I know spring is not far away.


Chatty Crone said...

Well, Stella, I'm in Atlanta,GA and I am waiting for our predicted snow. The newscasters are on all the time, one school district closed yesterday with just the threat of snow, people have gotten their milk and bread, and we are all in a panic.

What happens here is the snow melts fast - but whent temps are low, it turns to ice at night.

Most of our area is hills - we can't even make it out of our subdivision when there is ice.

And there is no (not many)pieces of snow equipement here.

Sorry you lost all you snow removal stuff in the fire - what a nice SIL.


Cynthia K. said...

Hi Stella ~ Loved the pictures of the snow -it has been quite a few years since we have had any here in Central Texas. And it was 2 or 3 inches then. The scene with the sled and ice skates is so homey and nostalgic. Oh, and the view out your kitchen window is beautiful! I also enjoyed your last post with all of the birds feeding in the snow. Wonderful.

On your song list, I saw Alan Jackson sings the old song "In the Garden". One of my favorites - I listened to it twice and sang along with him. Lovely.

Have a Beautifully Blessed 2010...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hello. thanks for stopping by ... We are getting several inches of snow as I type this comment... All activities are being cancelled for this evening as it just continues... Thank God I am blessed with a nice warm home... I know there are many that aren't and I just can't imagine what that would be like. Brings tears just to think about it... Blessings...

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

We are getting a snowfall much like yours today! But I love it as the world seems so serene and peaceful! Happy Day to you! Coralie

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Stella -- your yard is so beautiful, but I think I'd rather enjoy your pictures than have to shovel. On the other hand, the rain is very gray and very wet here in Oregon. Let's all go to the Carribean ;>)

Mimi said...

Oh Stella, I have been so worried about all my Mid west friends!!! You are buried for sure in deep snow!!! The weather man has got to be thinking , we need a break!!!!
Please be safe when out and keep warm!!!! I worry about carbon monozide(sic) and fireplace chimneys and all that!!! My Mom lives in St. Louis but is stuck at my sisters house in Chicago!!! She won't drive in snowy weather, she may be there for a while!!!!

Zuzu said...

Hi Stella,
I worry because we haven't seen much snow yet here. The trees really need the moisture!
Lucky you to have a son-in-law nearby!
LOVE the photo you shared w/ the sled and ice skates. :)
Have a Happy Fri.

BB said...

Neve em todo o lado. está mesmo frio coooooold

Lou Cinda said...

I know snow is a nuisance, we rarely ever get any snow, but it is beautiful to look at!!

Gorgeous photos!

Lou Cinda