Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Reveal

I thought you might like to see how the lake bedroom turned out after all my tedious wallpaper removal. 

Here are a couple of photos of the bed with new duvet and pillows.  I also hung semi-sheer white curtains.

This is a before photo of the bed with the old wallpaper and cranberry bedspread.  I have also moved the furniture around in the room and it makes it look so much bigger.    This room is really tiny and there isn't much that can make it look bigger believe me.  It is just what we call  it a room for the bed and nothing more.
 This wardrobe piece is now in the nook where the bed used to be.
 The old wallpaper gave the room a ruby glow but it was getting old and shabby.

The new blue is very tranquil and fresh feeling.

The old wallpaper had an old fashion feel and the blue is a much cleaner look.  But as I was looking at the room last weekend I realized my walls now look naked.  I tried to tell my self it's the new cleaner look.  But self said "Girl, you know you like your things."  So I am on the look out for just the right things for the new blue walls.


Chatty Crone said...

I love it - it looks like such a beautiful and peaceful room now - I like it MUCH better than before - great job Stella. sandie

Shelia said...

It all looks so pretty! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Thisisme. said...

Oh, I absolutely love it. Sooooo much better than before, and I love all your bedding with the cusions. So pretty. The colour reminds me of bluebells or lavender. Well done. You must be so pleased with it.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Soooooooo verrrrrrrrry tranquil.....

And yes, we love to see how projects turned out!!!! Especially with before/after pics.

You filled the bill!!!

"Deep within the winter forest,
among the snowdrifts wide,
you can find a magic place
where all the fairies hide..."

Jean Tuthill said...

Your room looks beautiful. Stella. It looks so calm and serene and I like that you used a bright shade of blue rather than a real pastel. I got some paint chips yesterday, thinking of doing the same thing. I love your new look and the furniture is so nice.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it! The room looks so pretty.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

It does look so peaceful ! Have fun finding just the right things to put on your new pretty blue walls !

Mimi said...

OH I LOVE the new look!!!I am a big BLUE fan, my other house my primarily BLUE, so when we moved here, I wanted something differnet and went with Burgundy and gold, just the past few months, I changed one bedroom to an aqua color blue and I love it, but something about robin blue and or country blue, yours looks so fresh and inviting. Small bedrooms are a challenge, but you pulled it off, the color opened up the room just like the sky!!!
THANK YOU SO much for all your kind words during my sickness, I sure appreciate all the love and support and mostly the Prayers.

Lona said...

It looks so wonderful Stella. I love how the blue makes the furniture pop. The bedspread is just so pretty. I am a blue and white fan and have it all over the house so your bedroom looks wonderful to me.

bj said...

hAAHAAAA, I like my things, too, Stella. I don't like a nekked wall !! :))

I love your new look. The blue is so pretty and your new bedding is pretty, too.

Bless your heart, I know how hard removing wallpaper is. I just hate that job. I am about to start removing a wall paper border in a guest room and I am dreading it like the plague.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, I love your new look, so clean and fresh. REally shows the beauty of your beautiful furniture.. hugs ~lynne~

Sallie ( said...

I love the blue -- it really is much more serene . Boy, I can always use ideas for small (and I really mean smallllll) spaces!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You are does look refreshed...altho I am all for olde wallpaper.
Taking off wallpaper is VERY tedious...have not done if for years..and never will again at my age..but I do love wallpaper.


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh my stars, you removed all that paper. I need you to come and do that in my dinningroom. THIS is awesome and there is nothing prettier than blue and white together.


GardenofDaisies said...

I love the light and airy look of the bedroom redo in blue and white!!