Friday, May 28, 2010

Long May It Wave

A big thank you to all the men, women and who have served and are serving our country. Special prayers for their families who won't get to spend a long weekend with their loved ones.
As we celebrate our long weekend with family picnics, heading for the lake, or just working around the house let's remember the heroes who make this possible.
Please pray for our men and women who serve us here and overseas.


Chatty Crone said...

From me too - great blog. We need to remember all those who faught so we could live free. sandie

Marydon Ford said...

May your Memorial weekend & celebrations be safe & enjoyable, filled merriment ... as you solemnly remember those that have passed before us & our military that protect(ed)s our freedoms. LET FREEDOM RING!!

TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Dawn said...

Happy Memorial Day Stella.

When you have time please send me your address so I can send you your giveaway prize, you were one of my winners!

Mimi said...

Hi Stella!!!!
Yes, long may it wave for a sign of freedom for us!!!!!
This day makes me Proud to be an American!!!!!
have a great one