Monday, July 27, 2009

At The Lake (the kitchen)

We have owned a small cabin at the lake for 27 years. It started out as just a trailer and through the years we have built on additions that have tripled the size. But since the kitchen is in the original trailer it remains very small. What you see here is the extent of of the kitchen. But as small as it is it works remarkably well. We hosted a family reunion of 30 people here and fed them all three meals a day with no problem. Of course, they were all family so couldn't complain.

Across from the stove and sink is an antique flour cabinet with a top that slides out to give us more serving space. It was a very sad piece of furniture when I found it but my friend rebuilt it and I painted it white with blue handles. I use it mostly as a pantry.

Above the cabinet that sits beside the flour cabinet is a small built in shelf that used to be the window of the trailer. My husband just closed it up and built shelves so I could display my dishes.
Speaking of dishes I was wondering if anyone knows the manufacturer or pattern name of these cups and saucers. There are no marking on the bottom. I think they may have been something that was given away in the 40's at gas stations or theatres.

At one end of the room is a small wooden kitchen table and four chairs painted white. Many years ago when country blue and mauve were in style I papered this room with a paper that had a white background with small blue and pink flowers. It has seen better days and needs to redone. So I am looking for a new color scheme.

Above the table where the white curtains are there is a bank of windows that used to be the front of the trailer. I pulled the curtain aside so you can see we now have them covered with wood because they now look out on the sun porch. Just this last weekend I had a thought. Why not take out the windows so you can see through to the sun room. What do you think? Would it make it look more open? Above the window you can see part of my collection of tea pots and chocolate pots.

A closer look at the collection.
Don't you just love the little blue underwear someone created. You can see one pair is cut higher and has lace on the legs while the other pair must be a version of boxer shorts. I would love to have met the person who made them as she must of had a great a sense of humor.
This small display hangs above the window and is very country which is no longer my style so as I consider a new look this will be coming down. As I think about retiring all the things I have collected I was wondering what will I do with all of it. What do you do? Do you pack it up for further use, sell it, or just pass it on?
I hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour. I will be inviting you back to see some more soon.


donna said...

Oh, Stella, that's a charming kitchen. Loved every single detail, even the tiny blue underwear. Maybe the underwear display should be updated with a thong:) My sister and family also started out with a trailer in the woods and over the years it was added onto and is lovely. Kitchens at the cabin should remain small so as to prevent too much cooking.

blushing rose said...

Love the Hoosier ... your kitchen is wonderful & your details for compact living. What a fun place to visit. TTFN ~Marydon

Eileen said...

I love your pretty kitchen! You've decorated this space perfectly, I wouldn't change a thing! It has such character.
Love it!
All the best,

Tammy said...

Just like the others, I wouldn't change a thing...the blue and white combo is such a clean color scheme!

Love your flour cabinet and all the dishes!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I love, love, love your kitchen! It would be such fun to sit in a chair and look at much to see.
I would open up the windo to the sun porch!

Wendy said...

The third tea pot from the right looks just like one that was my Mother's. Hers played Tea for Two. One of my boys broke it. I was heart sick, but it's only a thing. I love the pink and white shelf. I could move right in and not touch a thing!!
Beautiful and cozy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I pray clarity of direction for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

What a quaint kitchen, I love all the collectibles & that flour cabinet is my favorite. :)

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

What a charming little lake house, I bet you absolutely adore it. Great photos. So glad you popped in for a visit today!!! Hope your week is going well.
♥ Teresa

Good to be a Queen said...

Stella,thought I would check out the blog of a fellow outhouse user like myself...And when I heard Andrea Bocelli I fell in love......
I think I will hang out a while....

Jean Tuthill said...

I love the kitchen. I would open up the window. It'll look more spacious and let in more light. I like the blue and white, maybe you could just change the wallpaper. You could change to cottage or romantic, or shabby chic, lots of options, then you could still use some of your stuff.