Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Done

In an earlier post "We Might As Well" I posted about the bathroom we were working on. Well, I painted and painted all the existing wood work in the bath and the trim that my husband made. Finally it is all finished and installed.

We are having about 30 people from church in for dinner Friday so I wanted to decorate. I didn't have to go shopping so I just shopped all the hidey holes in the house.

I found the perfect table in the bath downstairs. It just fit the space and was already painted black. This was just a blank wall when you walked into the bath so this gave it a little character.

A red vase and a bird picture I had in the bath previously.

Found this white shelf under the guest room bed. I started to paint it black but decided to leave it white. I thought it might pull the white of the bead board up to the upper part of the wall. But now that it is hung I think it might look better black like the picture frame. What color would you paint it?

I would like a few more items to put on this shelf so I will keep looking.

Love my new chandelier. It has a faceted globe and throws the most wonderful light patterns on the ceiling and walls.

I polished up an old silver tray and sugar bowl and thought they worked nicely to hold soap and cotton balls.

I wanted to show you my shower curtains but the only way I could get a picture was in the mirror. Have you ever tried taking pictures of a small bath.

Love the contrast of the black vanity against the white bead board. Also, I decided to use just hooks for all my towels instead of towel racks. It seems that racks take up so much room. I have also given up on towels just for pretty. The men and grandchildren in my family just don't seem to understand just to look at not to use.
Hope you are having a wonderful day.


blushing rose said...

You did a wonderful job of pulling it all together. Love it. Have a good time at dinner. TTFN ~Marydon

Eileen said...

I love everything! You did a great job!
And I actually like the little shelf white, but I don't like things to be too 'matchy-matchy' so that's just my opinion. And I do agree that it pulls up the white.

I have to laugh at the towel remark, I have the same problem in my family with the men and the grandkids! I solved that by putting in a paper towel dispenser, it's more sanitary and now my pretty little lacy guest towels stay pristine!

donna said...

I bet if I looked under our bed I wouldn't find a nice shelf like you did. You put things together nicely. Your guests on Friday will be lining up to see what you've all done in the bathroom. Enjoy!

darnold23 said...

I'm in the drawing process now for a bathroom and bedroom renovation. You and I have similar tastes. I, too, plan to use beadboard in the new bath and will be using a similar theme. I love what you have done. The big quest will be to live in the house during the renovation?????? You'll have to check occasionally to see how I am holding up:)

Beginning August 5 I will be hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays at I hope you will join in the fun. Thanks again for sharing.

Claudia said...

Hi Stella, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I love your bath - you've done a fantastic job. I'm off to explore the other posts on your lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the bathroom! I like the shelf white but it would be nice painted black too. :)