Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When The Living Is Easy

When the days are so hot you just want to sit and daydream, read a book, or listen to the birds I have two favorite places in my yard. One is under an old oak tree in my front yard. From here I can watch the passerby and wave to the neighbors. I laid some paving stones over the bare spot under the tree because as most of you know growing grass under a huge oak is an exercise in futility

Two found old metal lawn chairs nestle in the shade and I can enjoy my pots of flowers as well. Some of my pots sit on an old map stand. A few of you may remember when teachers used to stand at the front of the room and flip the maps one by one over the top of the map stand.
Just in front of this area is an old wheelbarrow I tipped on it's side and planted with white petunias and red salvia.

In the backyard I choose my yellow swing where there is always a breeze no matter how scorching hot the day. My grandchildren loved this swing and I always had a mud or dust hole under it. So I salvaged old bricks wherever I could find them and just laid them on the ground. They work great and give me a solid surface under the tree.

While I swing with my eyes closed just enjoying the moment my resident wren sings me a song. I hope you can see her sitting on the pole that the birdhouse hangs from. (Wish I had a camera with a telephoto lens).
Here's wishing you a lazy day with nothing to do but swing.


blushing rose said...

Ma I come join you in the serenity of your yard .. today I need it & it looks very inviting ... I'll bring the tea ... chuckle! TTFN ~ Marydon

Eileen said...

Beautiful settings! I'd enjoy either one. There's something so soothing about a swing, gently rocking to and fro.
And I adore the metal chairs!

Anonymous said...

You have some lovely spots to sit on a hot summer day. I can just imagine sitting in that swing with a tall glass of something cold & a good book. :) The old map stand turned into a plant display is clever.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Stella; Wow can I come a sit with you............. I can see why you have two beautiful spots to sit. Your garden is just beautiful... thank you for sharing it...


donna said...

What a lovely, lovely post, Stella. The map stand/planter is very cool looking. Do the squirrels ever come sit with you under the oak tree? I've seen plenty of wheel barrows planted with flowers, but never a white one like yours. Love how that looks.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

A quick thank you for your comment at my blog -
Now for all my comments!
It was sheer delight to view your header as your blog unfolded before my eyes.
One of your pics made me homesick for my Texas home which we sold last November. Under our front yard live oak tree, I had placed paving stones from Home Depot and had vintage clam back metal chairs with a matching glider. Oh, I miss sitting under that tree.
I am totally enamoured with your gardens - simply lovely!

Claudia said...

I love swings - they are so relaxing! Anything that rocks, like a glider or a rocker, or a swing - wonderful!