Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Water Lily

Today I have been pondering on the little things in our life that can bring us joy if we take the time to stop and appreciate the wonder of them. For four years I have been planting water lilys in my pond. I have always had a wonderful crop of floating lily pads, but alas, no flowers.

Yesterday when I went out to feed the fish I had a beautiful lily floating serenely on the water.
Drops of water were sparkling on the lily pads.
The goldfish flashed streaks of orange in the early morning sun.

And I knew this was a moment to be thankful for the small things.
I hope you find a small thing in your life to appreciate today.


blushing rose said...

... such simple things can bring great joys. TTFN ~Marydon

Eileen said...

This was a beautiful post!
I'm happy for you! The lily is so pretty as are all your pictures.
Looks like a lovely, tranquil spot.

I had those very same thoughts myself these past few days, just so thankful for all the little but oh-so-meaningful things in my life!
Great post!

donna said...

A sweet reminder to appreciate all the good that surrounds us. How lucky are you to have a pond?

Tammy said...

All things happen at just the right time, perhaps you would not have appreciated this little beauty if you had had an abundance of others?

On my wishlist...small pond with Lilly pads and fishies! ☼

Jeanneoli said...

What a beautiful treasure to find in the morning!!

A Romantic Porch said...

What a beautiful thoughtful posting. Thank you for your sweet comments about Melody. Please drop by and read about our final gifts. xo rachel

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your pond is so pretty! It is so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and offering birthday wishes. Have a nice day! Twyla