Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Hello, come join me on my front porch. It is all dressed to celebrate Independence Day.My chairs are all clad in their red, white and blue. Because I like to decorate the front porch for the season I often purchase large beach towels in the appropriate colors and just wrap my cushions and use safety pins to secure them. Then if they need to cleaned I can just unpin them in a few seconds.This is a closeup of the table that sits between two of the chairs. I have used Ball canning jars and just used three taper candles in each. They make a beautiful glow when they are lit in the evenings.This hutch was sitting on my porch one day when I arrived home from work with a note attached. It said, "this last piece wouldn't fit on the moving truck and I thought it would be happy on your porch." What a good friend she knows I adopt any sad, abused or unwanted furniture. Now it proudly displays all my patriotic collection.

I sold Longaberger baskets for ten years so you will probably see a few in most of my photos.Have any of you ever ironed with a flat iron? I did growing up on a ranch in Montana and let me tell you on a hot summer day you would rather be hoeing the garden at midday then heating that flat iron on a wood stove.

This little table for two is the perfect place for brunch on a Sunday morning. I thought I would use polka dots just to break up the patriotic theme and make it a little more interesting. I found this plastic dinner ware at Walmart (can't believe the spell check doesn't recognize Walmart) and since it was so affordable I thought it was a great alternative to paper. Greener too as I won't be throwing it awayThe ant napkin rings I bought at Powell Gardens in the gift shop. (This is a public garden near Kansas City).

On my front porch I also have a large black buffet. It's not what I would choose to have here but at present I don't have another alternative. It is a piece I had left when I closed my antique booths. I gave much of the furniture away but this piece was so beautiful I haven't let go of it yet.

The carving on it so detailed and beautiful.

The knobs on the drawers are hand carved wood wrought in beautiful detail. I don't have a wall in my house it will fit on so for now I guess I will just decorate it on the porch.

Have a safe happy 4th.


blushing rose said...

I'll be right over ... Beautiful presentation & fun. Hve a safe & lovely 4th. TTFN ~ Marydon

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Stella; Wow what a very beautiful porch... I would love to stop by and sit and sip some lemonade, if I were not getting ready to pack my back patio would be decked out... I just adore your pretty Red White and Blue eye candy. How welcoming and comfy it all looks and for pennies too. thank you for you kind comment,Happy 4th to you all.


A Romantic Porch said...

Stella, that is so darling all decked out for the 4th of July. I love the idea of covering your cushions with beach towels! I have a flat iron on my back porch...I've never had to use it! xorachel

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Absolutely gorgeous and festive!! You've done a marvelous job!
♥ Teresa

Wendy said...

Wow!! I hope you don't mind if I steal some ideas. I've tried to figure our my style I think it's Beach Country!! Leave it to me to come up with something that doesn't exist!!
Be Blessed, Stella
And thanks for the kind comments on my blog!

Living Life with a Joyful Heart said...

What a wonderful porch, I would love to just come and sit and watch the world go by.

Happy 4th