Monday, June 8, 2009

Everything is Coming Up Roses

Here in the mid-west June is the month our roses shine. All of my climbing roses and shrub roses have burst into bloom and are such a delight to behold. What a wonderful God we have that he has created all the different shapes and colors of flowers for us.

This is one of my Graham Thomas old English Roses it is a pale blushing pink.

This is one of the new shrub roses and I have had great success growing them here in the Midwest. They seem to flourish even in our hot dry summer unlike the hybrid teas and floribunda

This New Dawn is a spectacular rose and has covered most of my fence in just two years. I planted it against my white lattice fence so it doesn't show off as prettily as it could if was against a contrasting background.

Everyone who loves roses should plant at least one Knock-out rose. They are such showgirls. They bloom all season and require almost no care. I only have one but hope to put in a few more this year. My biggest problem is I have a very shady backyard which is not conducive to rose gardening. But somehow I have managed to find space for one of my favorite flowers.

I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my roses and will come back and visit again.

My wish for you today is that everything in your life will come up roses.



Anonymous said...

Your roses are gorgeous. I was especially attracted to Graham Thomas, he's a great one. :)

DeDe said...

I need to plant some roses. I don't have any. They are so beautiful and smell so yummy.