Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's A Dog To DO!

This is Little Orphan Annie (aka Annie). She came to our house to stay to keep the squirrels away. About two years ago our vet called and told my husband he had our dog. My husband replied, "No, you don't he is right here". The vet says "I am sure she belongs to you she looks just like you." So we went to see Annie and she had a new home. Annie is a Border Collie with two blue eyes. One side of her face is white (this side has white eye lashes) and the other side is black (this side as black eye lashes). She is an extremely gentle dog but because she was abandoned as a puppy she is very shy with anyone she doesn't know. Her goal in life is to keep the squirrels out of her yard. As you can see she waits patiently at the foot of the tree hoping to spot her quarry.

When we adopted Annie we had a 16 year old Aussie named Speck. It was love at first sight for both of them and Annie gave Speck a new lease on life. Speck was blind and would get lost in the backyard. Annie would with great care herd in the direction of the back door and wait for us to let him in. When Speck went to doggie heaven Anne was grief stricken and would not come out of her kennel or eat. After three months with no improvement we decided Annie needed a puppy.
So we went on line and searched the Aussie Rescue Site. We found only one full blooded Aussie. Meet Mac, he came to our house to stay to make Annie happy again. And He Did! Annie takes care of him. She washed his ears and tells him when he is being bad. They play hide-and-go-seek and you can't catch me. Mac is a clown and when he knows he is in trouble that's when he will grin with just one side of his mouth. Because he was also abandoned he wants to be with someone all the time and lays with his head touching you. I call him Velcro Dog. I hope someday he will be confident enough of our love and place in our home he will no longer need this reassurance.

See Mom, I'm helping Annie. But I wish she would come play.

As I was vacuuming up all the hair on my carpet today I was trying to remember why I had two dogs. Now, I remember, it's because they are both so gentle and kind and love each other and they love us.



Liz said...

Awe! Sweet puppies! Thanks for sharing!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You are a dog lover and that immediately makes you special to me.
I play Stella By Starlight on the piano...another draw..

I am off to read more about you and start getting to know you...
and I want to thank you SO much for your visit to me.

Michelle said...

Annie is adorable. The best dogs come to us totally unexpected.

Janet said...

Hi Stella, I have three dogs... one of whom is like Pigpen from Peanuts comic strip....a cloud of dirt!!

DeDe said...

Animals are so much more 'in touch' than we give them credit. What spirits they have.

I am happy that your puppies are such good companions to each other...and to you.

love and blessings