Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, It's Red

When guests see our master bedroom for the first time they usually comment " It's really red how do you sleep in here". I say, "Its simple, I just close my eyes." I do love my gypsy red bedroom with gold and green accents but in the summer time when it is 100 I often wish for a cooler oasis. So on my list of things to do is find a small budget (cheap) way to bring a lighter look to this room My curtains are a striped silk with red, gold, and green and are so soft they waft nicely even with the breeze from the fan. But they also are a little dark for summer. I have white wooden blinds so taking them down for the
summer is an option.
By the dresser hangs a picture I found at an estate sale of a little gypsy girl wearing a red dress. I just had to have her to go with my gypsy red walls. I think she can stay. I thought maybe some white accessory pieces might look nice with the white woodwork in the room.
I'm off to a new Savers Store that just opened in the neighborhood. I will let you know if I find any treasures


donna said...

Stella, I'd be no help in the interior decorating department but will check back to see what you come up with. I guess you are a red hot mamma!

Coveredwithjoy said...

I found your link through A Joyful Chaos. My bedroom walls are a dark red. Came with the house. I'd like something brighter, but I am not up for painting the room right now. In the summer it is one of the hottest in the house, but we have a new ceiling fan that makes sleep possible. :)
God bless

Michelle said...

I know the walls are red but the other colors and that wonderful quilt on your bed, it really does not look like RED walls. Does this make any sense, except to me?

DeDe said...

That picture of the lady is beautiful.