Monday, June 8, 2009

We Might As Well

Four years ago I drove down a street and saw the house I wanted to live in. It wasn't anything special just a 1950's ranch and after a tour I could see it would need a lot of tender loving care. It hadn't been updated since the 1950's . It was only about a mile from my present home where my husband and I had lived for 38 years. My husband asked why would we move now that the kids are all grown and the house was paid for. I didn't have the answer but I had a dream. Bless my husband he let me follow that dream against his better judgement. Perhaps, the best statement about it was made by my youngest daughter after she toured the house before we move in. She said,"Well, Mom it does have good bones." I heaved a sigh of relief at least someone else could see it had potential. I just hoped she wasn't being kind.

Work on the house has gone slowly as we both still work full time. I have painted every room, we have laid hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining room and almost finished the basement into living space. In fact, I had been on a big push to finish the basement. It was on top of my honey-do-list. Then along came the "WE MIGHT AS WELL BATHROOM."

The bathroom saga began one morning when I dropped a small bottle of makeup into the sink. Really it was a small bottle but it broke a hole completely through the sink. This being the bathroom we used for guests I felt we needed to replace the sink as soon as possible. So approaching the subject with caution and I said to my husband, "As long as we our doing the sink don't you think we might as well replace the vanity too. It is so outdated.
I am sure you will agree when you look at the picture above. Well this bath also had some serviceable but very UGLY linoleum on the floor. So I kind of mentioned while we had the vanity pulled perhaps we should put ceramic tile on the floor it would would be so much easier while the vanity was out. So now I have a new floor that looks like this. Please just ignore all the tools you must remember this is a work in progress. Please note the new black vanity as well
Well, as long as we have gone this far we might as well take off all the ugly pink tile that goes 3/4 th of the way up the wall all the way around the room.

New tile in the shower and lovely new white bead board on the rest of the walls seem like a good idea.

Notice the design on the walls in the shower mimics the floor tile.

But oh what to do with that pink tub. It was still in wonderful shape and so nice and deep perfect for a bubble bath after a hard day of remodeling.

Well, we might as well have it resurfaced. So we did and I love how it looks. I just hope it holds up to use as well as the contractor claims. I did get a five year guarantee on the surface. Has anyone else had a tub resurfaced I would like to know what you think.

So we might as well continue working on this bathroom and it should be done soon and I can show pictures when it all decked out with new towels, pictures, and other pretties. So if you have your remodeling project on the drawing board go head you might as well the results are well worth the time and effort.



A Romantic Porch said...

oh I just love it when projects like that are done. yours is so beautiful. xorachel

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Rachel sent me by! The bathroom looks great! I'm glad you decided to do it.

Anonymous said...

I love older homes, they always have such potential for being great! My house was built in the sixies and it's been a labor of love updating it over the past 13 years. :)