Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Vinegar

When the temperature hits the high 90's my flower are slow to produce so I don't always have enough flowers to pick to make a huge bouquet. So I get out my stash of vinegar cruets. I purchase the cruets at thrifts stores and antiques for very little as I choose those that no longer have their stoppers.
I gather just a small handful of blooms and it doesn't matter if the flowers have longs stems because the necks of cruets will hold a very short stem. So I have more options for making my arrangement.

Just one lone lily will make a lovely addition

A single blushing rose stands out in the crowd.

Several flowers in the same color family meld nicely in another bottle.

Sometimes a bit of greenery, a few buds that haven't opened and a small begonia blossom are just the thing to add to the bouquet.

Grouped together on a piece in the front hall they smell so sweet and are a treat for the eye.
I love to group them on a table in my front hall to greet visitors to our home. With very little time and just a few flowers I have created a display that showcases small blooms. Give it a try in any small containers you have they don't even have to match.


Anonymous said...

A good way to have a nice bouquet without alot of flowers. :)

donna said...

You've given me an idea for using some of the cruets I inherited from my mother-in-law. She'd like knowing they are being used that way.

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Stella, I collect vinegar cruets too. I think they are so darling. Hey, your porch is all up sweetie. Come take a look. I hope you love it! xo rachel

Wendy said...

I've done that too with my roses. I love having the little containers sitting around. Thanks for the reminder.

DeDe said...

I will definitely put together an arrangement of flowers like that! How neat. I never would have thought of that!